Patternmaking for Fashion 1

Patternmaking for Fashion 1


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Patternmaking for Fashion 1   
Basic Practice

Guido Hofenbitzer
1. Auflage 2021


This publication is aimed at trainees and advanced learners in the clothing industry, at professional experts, and at interested amateur sewers who - with interest, skill, and plenty of trial and error - want to gain exposure to the basics of pattern drawing by being their own teachers.

Those who can independently create precisely tailored clothing patterns according to their own designs after some practice and experience, won't have to depend on readymade patterns that can be purchased from stores.

This book contains the most important guidelines for the design of basic patterns for skirts, trousers and bodices as well as suggestions and instructions for many alterations or modifications from basic patterns to model patterns. However, being able to convey the sense of a good fit and a perfect cut is not enough, it must be learned and experienced through practical testing.